If You’re a Startup, Then Here’s Why You Need an Explainer Video!

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For any startup, it is essential to devise a marketing plan, which would promise instant success, and what better strategy than online video? Studies reveal that almost 85% of potential customers are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video. This is because custom explainer videos enable viewers to easily and quickly understand the features of the product as well as the solutions of their problems. Here are some reasons why startups should necessarily invest in this strategy:

  1. Maximize hits to your website

By incorporating the video on the homepage, you can surely maximize hits and generate traffic to your website. For more tips on how to go about this, you may consult Brand Explainers, a renowned video explainer company.

  1. A great way to introduce your company & products/services

As a startup, you need to introduce your company and products to your target audience. With an explainer video, you can achieve this task in a quick and effective manner. Videos are capable of instantly grabbing the attention of viewers and ensuring that they remember the brand.


  1. Offer a Simplified Message

Videos help in breaking complex concepts into simplified messages, which can instantly connect with the target audience.

  1. Make yourself memorable

For startups, it is a challenge to keep themselves alive in the minds of their potential customers. With big and established players all around, startups need to take that extra effort to make themselves memorable. Videos are the best way to accomplish this task. It is said that on an average, a person remembers only 20% of what he/she hears and 30% of what he/she sees.  Nevertheless, if one hears and sees together, then one can remember 70% of the content. Such is the power of a video, which aids in creating a lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

Creative Video Explainer Company

Apart from the above-mentioned points, they also help in increasing the search engine rankings of the site, thereby allowing the company to garner a wider reach and gain more exposure. For best results in this aspect, one may avail the services of a reputed Creative Video Explainer Company.

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