Some Interesting Facts About Videos & Video Marketing

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Explainer Videos Company

In the last few years, Custom Explainer Videos have emerged as a great tool for advertisement and publicity. Companies are now taking up video marketing seriously and integrating it with their main marketing strategy. Here are some interesting facts & figures on this subject.


  1. A company has only 10 seconds to grab the attention of viewers

Researches reveal that a viewer is willing to give 10 seconds of his/her time to a video. If they find something of their interest within this time span, they will continue with it, or else will abandon it. 20% of the viewers are likely to abandon it in less than 10 seconds. By the time it reaches 30 seconds, the percentage goes up to 33%. If it fails to garner interest in two minutes, the company should be ready to forego 60% of viewers. It is important to note here that these figures remain the same, irrespective of the length of the video. For more information on this aspect, one may avail the services of a reputed Custom Explainer Videos Company, such as Brand Explainers.

  1. Mobile users have longer attention spans than desktop viewers

Compared to desktop viewers, mobile users have a relatively longer attention span, which may last up to 2.4 minutes for iPhone users, 3 minutes for Android users, and up to 5 minutes for iPad users.

  1. The shorter the duration, the higher is the propensity of it being shared

Research reveals that videos with duration of 15 seconds or less are likely to be shared 37% more than those lasting between 30 seconds and 1 minute. The more the length, the less likely it is to be shared.

  1. Including videos in e-mails increases click-through rates

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They need not only be confined to the homepage of a website. They may also be integrated with e-mail marketing campaigns. If done so, the click-through rates of e-mails may go up by 96% and subscriber opt-outs may be decreased by 75%.

With the advice of an eminent Creative Video Explainer Company, one may devise an effective video marketing strategy.

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