Rules For Animated Explainer Videos Of All Styles

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What are the rules that one should keep in mind while creating an explainer video? What are the mistakes which one should avoid at all costs?

Explainer Videos have seen a dramatic growth over the year. Videos are a simple yet engaging marketing  tool that are designed by an operator and are often animated, and are employed for marketing and promoting of any products or services of a company. Explainer videos are economical and highly effective in marketing a product or a service and is always the best chosen option for marketing and promotion.

Hiring a skilled and professional video explainer company for the marketing aspect of the business is always helpful. But the selection should be done after the careful examination of  what sorts of videos have been previously designed by the video agency. To check whether the videos are actually good or not or if they are fulfilling the purpose of marketing.

Bad explainer video do not attract enough customer attention resulting in reduced publicity and reduced revenues. What makes them bad are few crucial mistakes which should always be considered while creating an explainer video. To avoid such problems here are rules that should be kept in mind while designing an explainer video.

Script: The most important aspect of any video is Script. A professional script writer who writes the script understands the basic elements of  storytelling . He has the ability to craft a video that is engaging yet informative. Always seek help of a professional who can build an innovative idea for portraying your brand story.

Voice Over: Voice over is yet another important element of an animated explainer video production. It is a stage where an appropriate and bold voice that is fluent and cadence-esque is used to leave a lasting impression on the viewers. Voice over can immensely help in the marketing process.

Research: One must ensure that proper research  is done regarding the product or service to be marketed. This is because only after thorough research the video explainer company will be able to install important facts and elements in the video.

Duration: According to creative director, Helen Klein Ross, “the less you say, the more likely people are to remember.” Explainer videos must be precise and to the point. The typical rule of thumb in the industry is 150 words per minute.

Placement: Correct placement of the explainer video is also important. Try to place your explainer video on the “Home Page” rather than on the “About Us” page. The video should catch the visitor’s eye as soon as they land on your website and hence, it should be placed on the home page.

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